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This is video 10 and our final video in this series. In this video we are discussing the escrow process with a specific emphasis on the loan approvale process and contingency removal.

This is video 7 in our series and it lays out how to draft an acceptable offer. In this video we focus on finding the right price for your offer and what to avoid when deciding on a homes worth.

This is video 8 in our series and will teach you what works best when deciding in the terms for your offer. The terms can make or break a real estate deal and we offer some ideas for presenting your offer in way to protect you and make it desireable to a seller.

This is video 9 in our series and it details the escrow process. Many purchases are derailed during the escrow process and we find that in many cases it is only due to a misunderstanding or high emotions. In this video we focus on the inspection and disclosure review and offer some key advice for proceeding through the maze of paperwork. The marketing stage in the sales process is where your home is exposed to the world, and I mean literally. We make sure that there are as many “eyeballs” as possible looking at your home and this is both virtually and with people walking through your door. It is vitally important that you understand what to expect, and what is expected of you during this process. This video will explain what you should and should not do during the market phase of your home sale.

To view all videos in this post series check out our seller page on our site – In this final video I will discuss the escrow process. Specifically what to expect and how to insure a successful close.

To view all videos in this post series check out our seller page on our site – After you have put all the effort forth in preparing your home for sale, I have no doubt that if it is priced and market right you will receive offers. This video discusses how to actually review offers in a business like manner.

To view all videos in this post series check out our seller page on our site – Before you can decide on a pricing strategy for your home, you really need to understand what it will appraise for. this video will take you through a process for getting an accurate determination of worth for your home.

We often discuss whether of not a home should be listed over the holidays. The following video will let you know exactly what you should do.

with interest rates beginning to creep up, home prices at 8-10 year lows, and plenty of inventory it has become a Perfect Storm for home buyers. In particular, the market for buyers who do not need to sell another home first is perfect. Take a look at this video then give us a call.

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